“Best choice I ever made to do liposuction on my arms, back, & waist.
I wanted a doctor who was very experienced and professional. Everyone tells me Dr. Victor Liu is very well recognized in the plastic surgery industry and has 38 years of experience. I decided to go with him.

Vicky, the receptionist, scheduled an appointment for me in the Burligame medical office. I was a little nervous and excited when I stepped in the office with 3 other patients waiting before me. Vicky had me fill out a form and was very friendly and easy going. I waited for about 15 minutes. The nurse guided me to the room and had me change. He was super funny and made me feel at ease. I waited for about 5 minutes before Dr. Liu came in to give me my consultation. First impression, very professional, knowledgeable and straight to the point. He explained clearly my liposuction procedure and my recovery time. He said I was a very good candidate for liposuction. He said it would be an easy procedure and that I would see the results immediately, and more obvious results within 2 months. The price was reasonable and he gave me a good price for doing 3 sections: arms, back, and waist. I decided to do it. The nurse did a blood test on me and gave me guidelines to follow before and after treatment so I am prepared. He was very thorough and I felt comfortable. Vicky helped me schedule for my next appointment for the surgery 2 weeks later. I wanted to do it immediately but he was all booked up.

The day of surgery:
I didn’t eat 12 hours before the surgery and I wore a big button down collar shirt when I went in. I was seen at 9:30am. First, the nurse had me change. He told me to wait in the room for the doctors. The anesthesiologist, super super friendly, came in the room and asked me a few general questions before giving me anesthesia. Dr. Liu also came in to check on me to see how I was feeling. I told him I was nervous and excited. He told me I didn’t have to worry and that it would be a very fast procedure. I knew I was in good hands.
I went into the surgery room and the anesthesiologist gave me my shot. Well, of course I didn’t remember anything during that time. I woke up around 12:30pm. My fiance was waiting for me on my bedside to pick me up. I was DONE! It just felt like waking up to a new body.
The nurse got me dressed in a tight arm garment and put on my big collar shirt. I woke up feeling no pain. I was a little swollen but it wasn’t that bad. I felt great but still drowsy from the anesthesia. I had soup a few hours later and just laid in bed all day to rest. A week later I was little bruise but Dr.Liu said it would go away in 1 week. It all went away after 2 weeks and my arms looked so much smaller. My back was flat with no back fat :). My waist was slimmer making me look taller. Afterwards I followed up with Dr. Liu 2 times within 1.5 months.

It was been 3 months now and I love the results. I wish I did it earlier. I have nice arms, flat back, and a slimmer waist. I am ready to fit in my wedding dress and I am so excited. I have no scar, no pain, and no side effect. It looks great. Thank you so much Dr. Liu and his staff for taking good care of me. I really appreciate all your help.”

– K.L.

“Five weeks ago I turned 74 and treated myself (and the wife) to a Priapus Shot from Dr. Victor Liu. He has two young female medical assistants working with them. At first this looked like a problem. I was happily proven 100% wrong. These assistants were extremely supportive and discreet. In fact, during the procedure, I only saw one of the assistants and that was only to receive the blood Dr. Liu had drawn and then leave the room to start its conversion into PRP. I saw her again when she knocked and entered to give me a gown to wear. Both times I was fully dressed. Dr. Liu did all five shots (two for numbing and 5 of the PRP) on his own; in other words just the two of us in one of the exam rooms. Hats off to Dr. Liu for his sensitivity.

As far as the shots go, I have had far worse flu shots. I received two numbing shots on the lower stomach. The first one felt like a flu shot-small needle and only the briefest and tiniest amount of discomfort. The second shot was completely unnoticeable. The 5 shots with the PRP were likewise completely unnoticeable. And never got noticeable.

I received the Priapus Shot on a Friday and decided to test it two days later. Wifey noticed a change in girth in her hand as well as in her. A week later, same comments. Another week later, same comments but with a bigger smile.

The dosage of Viagra has been reduced by 40% and full effects are not expected for another two months.

I have received PRP shots before in my left knee twice, right knee once and left shoulder once from an orthopedist. Each time the results were magical which means I walked into Dr. Liu’s office a firm believer in PRP itself. Now I am a ‘firmer’ believer in PRP and Dr. Liu.”

– R.E.

“I’ve been Dr Liu’s patient for decades, and always very happy with his work, because he is truly one of the great plastic surgeons. Dr Liu is knowledgeable and professional. His experience, meticulous work ethic and precise skills really can make fantastic results. Dr Liu’s receptionist, Vicky, who’s the most caring, efficient and friendly person I’ve ever known. Thank you Dr Liu and Vicky!”

– W.R.


“Dr. Liu is the perfect combination plastic surgeon: technique and artistry. His facility is top-notch. Staff is top-notch. Can’t go wrong.”

“My friend referred me to see Dr. Liu for a skin lesion. Dr. Liu had a lot of patience in explaining the process to me. A skin lesion removal is a minor procedure; but for someone like me who never had anything done except for the annual flu shot, I was relieved it was so simple. The office staff was friendly and kind and made me feel comfortable during the entire process. Thank you Dr. Liu.”

– J.G.

“Office Is in nice location , close too San Francisco airport. The office staff is friendly and helpful. A consultation with Dr Liu is always helpful expressing your concerns. Place is very clean!! As a patient, it is comfortable and always had a very good experience with my surgery.”

– D.K.

“I decided to have more plastic surgery with Dr. Liu a few months ago. My face and brow lift surgery was a success! My friends and family have been complimenting me on my youthful appearance. The office staff was friendly and professional and made my experience pleasant. I highly recommend Dr. Liu. Thank you.”

– C.S.

“I went to Dr. Liu for GainsWAVE and the p-shot. I found him to be quite informed, very friendly, and a pleasure to work with. This is somewhat “sensitive” therapy and I found that he put me totally at ease. In working with him over six visits, I also found him to be a great conversationalist and a really interesting guy.

Dr. Liu’s staff is also very professional, attentive, and friendly. I have never been to a Dr’s office where they paid so much attention to seeing me on time; the one time they were running a little late they were all over me making sure it was OK with my schedule and that I was able to wait (this was because they were about 10 minutes behind).

I’m definitely a happy patient!”

– J.P.

“Dr. Victor Liu is very passionate about his work and Vicki his assistant is supper nice. They make me feel like visiting old friends rather than seeing a doctor in his office.
I had Geneveve, O-Shot, SottoPelle Therapy and TermiTight on my face all did in one afternoon in February by Dr. Victor Liu. Everything turns out great. Very happy with the results.
A MIR confirmed both of my knees are bone on bone, they were very stiff, and painful going down stairways. I was considering knee replacement surgery until Dr. Liu told me about the Stem Cell injection.
I got the treatment on 4/2 in Dr. Liu’s office, what a difference, now I can run after my 2 years old grandchild with easy.
I met several of your happy patients, now very glad to be one of them.
Thank you Dr. Liu.”

– F.W.

“Cosmetic surgery was something I never really considered. It just didn’t seem worth it to go through the process. However, it was one of the best decisions I made for myself.

Dr. Liu performed eye bag surgery for me 2 years ago. I was really nervous, but it only took 1 hour and went really smoothly. Recovery time was only a week, shorter than anticipated. I went to work 3 days later( with glasses).

I appreciate the staff; they made me very comfortable and at ease. They were also very patient with my many questions and took care of me after the surgery.

Before the surgery, I received comments of “being tired” even with enough sleep
And make up.

I was just reviewing my past photo album; I see a huge difference. I don’t need to have as much make up coverage under my eyes anymore. I’m really satisfied with the results. I’ve referred a few friends with same issues to Dr. Liu, and they all look great! Last week, I brought another friend to visit Dr. Liu again and I was reminded of How glad I was of the decision to get my eyes done.”

– Q.B.

“I went to see Dr Liu regarding extra skin and fat on my upper eyelids. He suggested to have upper eyelid surgery plus brow lift because my brows were droopy and uneven. That was done several months ago. Now it looks so natural and my eyelids look so much better. I am so happy with the results that I have already referred 2 friends to see him for consultation.”

– W.S.

“Dr. Liu was very nice and patient with me when I told him what I wanted. He was also making conversation with me during double eyelid surgery. Overall, I am extremely happy with my experience here and I would definitely recommend family and friends to go to Dr. Liu.”

– A.L.

“Doctor Victor Liu is a very friendly and knowledgeable/capable and known physician, he explained everything to me in detail, he did not rush to the other appointments. Dr. Liu has a very friendly staff that greets customers with a smile and make them feel at home. Staff is very prompt in paperwork and responds to phone calls and e-mails promptly.

Excellent in customer service, most certainly my visit was a memorable one. I highly recommend Dr. Liu to all for your specific needs.”


“Victor Liu is by far one of the best surgeon’s around. It was my first time seeing him. I had a cyst size of a golf ball in the middle of my chest. He did a fantastic job removing it. It’s been two months today since I had the procedure done. And the healing process looks great. Victor Liu is also very friendly and a welcoming person who is very passionate about his craft.
Also to mention Vicki and Natalia were very helpful and welcoming. To making sure I get my antibiotics and just checking up on me. There assistance through this procedure was great!
Thank You”

– F.P.

“After exhaustive research and second consultations with every top-notch plastic surgeon in the Bay Area, I finally chose Dr Liu for a revision rhinoplasty. I could not be happier with the procedure and results — no bruising, no pain, minimal downtime, and exactly the nose I’ve always dreamt of. Dr Liu is an experienced miracle worker and his friendly staff are a dream, THANK YOU!”

– J.D.

“I first visited Dr. Liu in Burlingame for a consultation back in January. I wanted him to perform blepharoplasty (eye bag surgery). He was patient, knowledgeable, and answered all the questions I had. After the initial consultation, I thought about it for a week before deciding to go under the knife. The actual day of surgery went by smoothly. Seriously, all I remember was talking to the OR nurse, and the next thing I knew, I woke up in the recovery room. The recovery process wasn’t so bad for me (a few weeks). I’m really glad I got this surgery done. I look more energetic, bright, and lively. Those eye bags can really make a person look sulky and tired. Dr. Liu did such an amazing job. I didn’t encounter any problems or complications. I couldn’t be happier with my results 🙂”

– K.E.

“He was nice and courteous! No scar and gave me sedation.”

– D.W.

“My relatives and I have a long time Research to found Dr. Liu, We were doing Multiple plastic surgery. Each of us was Very satisfied and quite successful, his assistant also very professional and patient, we were very happy and highly recommend Dr. Liu, Recently I did another plastic surgery. Dr Liu we all Trust you.”

– Y.W.

“Dr. Lui is amazing at what he does. You can barely see I have a scar after the removals. And compared to anyone else in the area, he is the best.”

– A.R.

“Dr. Liu is the best! The treatment procedure went smoothly and the result was fantastic! I like how clean the facility is. His staff are nice and polite. I strongly recommend him to all of my friends!”

– I.H.