Ear Surgery/Otoplasty

If your ears are a little different or stick out a bit further than most, you may feel quite self-conscious about the situation. Even if the imperfection in your ears is small and no one else seems to notice, we understand that you do. We also understand how worried and self-conscious your ears might make you, even if they work just fine. If the shape or size of your ears upsets you, it’s time to consider visiting a surgeon to learn about otoplasty in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Otoplasty Alternatives

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure, so you may find yourself looking for an alternative solution to your ear problem. If you have an infant with a misshapen ear, you may succeed at fixing the problem using a series of plastic molds that direct the ear’s growth. If this fails, however, or if you’ve reached maturity, surgical correction is the only way to permanently reshape and restructure the ear. Unfortunately, the alternatives involve keeping your hair a little longer and always wearing it down over your ears. Hats and earmuffs also help but have limited appeal indoors and in warm climates: a limitation you’re likely well aware of already.

Otoplasty Benefits

If you’re tired of hiding your ears and worrying about them, consider the many benefits of an otoplasty in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over-the-counter ear repairs and shapers simply don’t provide a permanent solution that changes the shape of your ears. Noninvasive procedures and ear shaping injections seem appealing but are quite limited and simply don’t work for everyone. Otoplasty, however, allows Dr. Liu to reform and reshape your ear permanently and in the way that looks the best on you. We can reduce the size of your ears, reshape them or pin them so they sit closer to your head rather than protruding.

Dr. Liu has been performing otoplasties in the San Francisco Bay Area for decades and his reputation speaks for itself. Call us today for a consultation so we can tell you more about how we can fix what you don’t like about your ears and help you feel more confident.

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