Butt Lift

No body feature today gains as much attention as a person’s backside. This is true if a person’s butt is absolutely round, shaped, and pert, or needing a bit of attention. People who have researched butt lifts in the San Francisco Bay Area are likely trying to make their backsides become a perfect complement to their entire bodies. The cosmetic work performed in the offices of Dr. Liu has helped countless clients with achieving their dreams of possessing the perfect booty.

People experience buttock appearance problems because of many things. These include exposure to elements that change skin textures, muscle integrity issues because of a lack of exercise, and other natural changes. Even if a person’s body is predisposed to storing fat in undesired places, cosmetic surgery options can eliminate common concerns. Restorative procedures performed by Dr. Liu, and his expert staff, radically alter the shape and lasting profile of a client’s backside.

Available butt-boosting options include many forms of surgical augmentation that add to the visible attributes of a client’s butt. These options include safe and common shaper implants along the lower, dorsal, and top portions of the gluteal complex. Other advanced enhancement options include tissue transfers. These transfers only involve tissues taken directly from a client’s body, so integration is completely safe, quick, and long-lasting. It is absolutely possible to gain the booty shape that you have always wanted. With a cosmetic butt lift, you can gain the confidence to wear the styles you want, take personal photos that are flattering, and live life with a new degree of confidence. Dr. Liu’s clinics are open for consultation and surgery planning. Contact our office to schedule a butt lift consultation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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